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Equine Pasture Management

Pasture walks allow you to see Best Management Practices in action and think about how you could use them on your own farm.

· Chester County: August 22 at Ryerss Farm, Pottstown

· Northampton County: August 30 at Equi-Librium, Nazareth *Contact Donna Foulk for questions about this event ( or 610-746-1970)*

· York County: September 13 at Tenderfoot Stables, Brogue

· Montgomery County: September 18 at Sebastian Riding Associates, Collegeville *in partnership with Montgomery County Conservation District—contact Laura Kenny directly to register ( or 610-489-4315)* 

All are from 6:00-8:00 pm.  Registration is required
More information and registration at:

Registrations accepted up to one day before the program.

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